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Many believe that Bigfoot have special abilities .
Such a cloaking , telephatic powers etc.

First off Let me start off by saying all Living creatures are as organic as mankind are. We are all flesh and blood beings. We have intelligence some more than others . Humans or mankind have wild imaginations and fantasies developed from our own self conscience that are implanted into the minds so strong that we dwell on them and without doubt we believe such nonsense as a Truth.

Secondly Many animals are naturally hid in there environment . Many of them naturally blend with the trees , & even the leaf litter of the woods.
Its all a natural ordinary happening.

No animal has powers ! Anyone who claims there own beliefs to be facts when it comes to the knowledge of Bigfoot is sadly mistaken . WHY? Because there is no proof or evidence to back theories up.

One may swear to a continuing occurrence of sightings , but Why is it not so to others who dwell in that area ?
The Bigfoot Community has way to many attention seekers trying there darnest to gain popularity and awareness . Its sad but they do get it , but what's upsetting and yet aggravating. is that many follow and believe such nonsense .

Research is to learn & know the Organic truth not create it in a falsified way.
Step outside your fantasies and look with the naked eye. OBSERVE , LISTEN & THEN ANALYZE.

ECBRO THANKSGIVINGE.C.B.R.O. Sighting & Encounter Report:

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